"Have joy in the home.  Have joy in your husband.  Have joy in your children.  Enjoy the journey." ~Marjorie Kay Hinkley~

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Green Monsters!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day

We were all decked out in green this year! First we had cereal with green milk, then we had all green lunches for school: green egg salad sandwhiches, broccoli with green ranch, pickles, green rice crispy treats, green veggie straws, and all green gummy bears! For an afternoon snack it's pistachio pudding! Even thought Isabella & Sofia wear a uniform they got all blinged out with their green hair & sparkling 4 leaf clover face tatoos! Ava was also decked out for school! Then of course I couldn't resist getting my Little Charmer Luka decked out as well with his shirt & green mohawk! What a fun day!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Valentine's Day!

Here are some cute pix of my sweet little Valentines! We had fun dressing up for church, going to school parties, making valentine cards & exchanging them, and eating lots of candy! We also celebrated Hartman's birthday (a little late...his b-day is in December). He was gone on a trip for his b-day and we never had a cake for him. I felt soo guilty this whole time that we finally surprised him with a cake on heart day! Lots of love!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Years Eve 2010

We had a wonderful time on New Years Eve. We had a dinner at my house with my sister and her family as well as Hartman's brother & family! My girls were so excited they came downstairs ready to Partaaay! Keep in mind this was 9 am and they thought the party was ready to start. Needless to say it was a long day of ..."When are they getting here? When's the party starting? They were so cute...also when did they get so big and fashionable????
We had our party hats on and we were ready to ring in the new year!
So was LaRon, Hayden, & Saylor. John had to protect our city and work the strip. I felt bad for all those fire fighters and police officers that night because it was sooo cold!
Here are all the Vegas cousins ready have some fun!
Brigham & Luka...what sweet boys!
Our New Years Eve Baby!
Luka had a fun time finishing off everyone's food! He was partied out by 8pm!
But the other kids were just getting started!
The kids had fun playing WII and having a Dance party with Just Dance 2
The girls had a lot of fun with their party attire!
Party Hats gone wrong! Hayden being silly!
Hartman had to go to bed little early because he had to work in the morning and Anthony had to also so they left early. So the rest of us put on our jammies and stayed up waiting for midnight! We played a fun game of Monopoly to pass the time!
Poor Ava fell asleep at 11:30. She just couldn't last any longer!
The kids got silly and starting doing cheerleading stunts!
Then it was finally almost midnight so the kids had their punch glasses ready while they counted down!
CHEERS! Happy New Year!!!!
They threw the confetti and got their coats on to go outside and do sparklers!
They were so loud in the streets. It's a good thing it was New Years Eve so the neighbors couldn't get mad!

Shortly after midnight one by one they started falling asleep on the couch while watching a movie! It had been a fun party for everyone!
Saylor was a trooper. She was the last one standing, she was still wound up and ready to go!
The next morning we slept in, had a yummy breakfast, and played play dough! Happy New Years!