"Have joy in the home.  Have joy in your husband.  Have joy in your children.  Enjoy the journey." ~Marjorie Kay Hinkley~

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Green Monsters!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day

We were all decked out in green this year! First we had cereal with green milk, then we had all green lunches for school: green egg salad sandwhiches, broccoli with green ranch, pickles, green rice crispy treats, green veggie straws, and all green gummy bears! For an afternoon snack it's pistachio pudding! Even thought Isabella & Sofia wear a uniform they got all blinged out with their green hair & sparkling 4 leaf clover face tatoos! Ava was also decked out for school! Then of course I couldn't resist getting my Little Charmer Luka decked out as well with his shirt & green mohawk! What a fun day!!!!

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